Want Dont Want – The Recycling Benefits

Many companies are not aware of the true value of their used office furniture and associated office products. Second-hand dealers will offer extremely low prices or more likely charge to remove items from site.

Recognising that surplus used office furniture has a real value, Want Dont Want.Com set up shop in August 2000 in order to help our clients achieve the best possible prices for their used office products.

Our knowledge of the office furniture marketplace enables us to provide our clients with true re-sale values, which they otherwise may not be aware of. The re-sale values placed on each item give our clients the best possible return, yet still remain below second hand dealer’s re-sale prices.

We advertise and manage the sales of YOUR used office furniture, ensuring that you achieve the best price by selling to real end users. Our buyers will collect from YOUR offices. By selling via Want Dont Want, you'll have comfort in the knowledge that your used office products are being recycled and re-used by genuine end user clients.

Want Dont Want can now offer our clients a total solution – pre-selling the best of your office furniture for the highest financial return and environmentally recycling or selling on all products that remain unsold at the end of the agreed selling period.


  • Avoiding/limiting removal charges - It is the buyer’s responsibility to organise collection of purchased items from site.
  • Up-front selling ensures that future disposal costs will be reduced
  • Income generated from sales can be off-set against final disposal costs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability/Recycling issues addressed
  • Helping clients to achieve realistic prices for their used office furniture and associated office products. 

Please call us for any help or advice on: 020 7529 8180.

Email: hello@wantdontwant.com


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