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Office storage solutions offer diverse functionalities and organizational options to keep the workspace tidy and efficient. Here are some common types of office storage sell:


Filing Cabinets: These cabinets are designed for storing files, documents, and paperwork. They come in various sizes, materials, and configurations like lateral or vertical filing systems.

Bookcases/Shelving Units: These are used for storing books, binders, reference materials, or decorative items. Bookcases come in different heights, widths, and designs to suit various office spaces.

Credenzas: Low, wide cabinets often placed behind desks or used as standalone furniture. They offer a combination of open shelves, drawers, and sometimes cabinets for versatile storage. Usually found in boardroom/meeting room areas where they will often have an internal mini fridge and shelves for crockery and glasses.

Lockers: Commonly used in shared office spaces or for personal storage in workplaces, lockers provide secure compartments for employees to store personal belongings, bags, or files. These days, the locker options have become more technically sophisticated and offer various security locking options with i.e. smart phones or keypads etc.

Pedestal Drawers: Small, mobile storage units that fit under desks. Pedestal drawers often have drawers or a combination of drawers and filing cabinets for easy access to frequently used items.

Storage Cubes/Cabinets: Modular and versatile, these storage units come in cube shapes or different configurations that can be stacked or arranged in various ways to create customized storage solutions.

Wall-mounted Storage: Shelves, cabinets, or file holders mounted on walls to maximize vertical space and keep items off the floor. These can include floating shelves, pegboards, or hanging organisers.

Desk Organizers: These smaller storage solutions sit on or around desks to hold stationery, files, and other small items, helping to keep the workspace organised and clutter-free.

Mobile Pedestals: Personal mobile units which will usually have one or two personal drawers and a deeper filing drawer for files. Also suitable for hybrid workers who do not have a set desk position. They can simply retrieve their own pedestal and wheel it to an available free hot-desk to work.

Mobile Storage Systems: Customisable systems that allow for flexible configurations and adaptability. These systems often include a combination of shelves, drawers, cabinets, and other compartments that can be place on a trolley base and controlled by way of a steering wheel at the end of a trolley run. These systems are bespoke and can either be simply laid upon an existing floor giving flexibility for easy relocation or on a larger scale - bolted on to a sold floor, which is generally used in basement areas.

When selecting office storage, consider the available space, the type of items to be stored, accessibility, ease of use, and how well the storage solution integrates with the overall office decor and workflow.

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Code: WDW95280 QTY: 234

Used Senator Slim White MFC 3-Drawer Pedestals with Ply-Edged Tops

£ 55.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW94867 QTY: 85

Used White 3-Drawer Pedestals

£ 35.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW94743 QTY: 4

New and in original packaging, genuine Bene CT mobile pedestal with seat pad.

£ 95.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW94733 QTY: 9

Brand new and in original packaging Bene 'CT' slim mobile pedestals with blue seat pa

£ 155.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW94664 QTY: 8

Used under-desk 2-drawer mobile pedestals with white carcass and Revere Chiaro MFC dr

£ 39.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW94663 QTY: 23

Used under-desk 2-drawer mobile pedestals with white carcass and Revere Chiaro MFC dr

£ 39.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW94182 QTY: 1

Used 3-Drawer Pedestal

£ 25.00 + VAT

Code: WDW94000 QTY: 50

Used Slim Black 2-Drawer Pedestals

£ 39.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW91176 QTY: 9

Used slimline black MFC pedestals

£ 45.00 + VAT Each