Second Hand Desks | Height-Adjustable Sit Stand

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Code: WDW74344 QTY: 2

Limited Stock of Brand New Electric Sit Stand Desks with Market leading Linak Motors

£ 565.00 + VAT Each not including screen

Code: WDW87092 QTY: 32

Brand new Bene 'Level Pure' 1400mm Back to Back Electric Sit Stand Desks

£ 710.00 + VAT Per desk position including screen

Code: WDW88914 QTY: 40

Used 1600mm Herman Miller Electric Sit Stand Desks

£ 395.00 + VAT Per single desk with screen

Code: WDW81176 QTY: 34

Used 1600mm Herman Miller Electric Sit Stand Bench Desks

£ 395.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW84333 QTY: 10

Used 1600mm Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

£ 225.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW88432 QTY: 26

Used 1800mm Kinnarps Electric Sit Stand Desk with Screen

£ 325.00 + VAT Per desk including screen

Code: WDW92086 QTY: 1

Used Sit Stand Desk with Treadmill

£ 495.00 + VAT

Code: WDW91795 QTY: 25

Brand New 1600mm Bene Electric Sit Stand Desks Sold with 10 year warranty*

£ 495.00 + VAT Each excluding accessories

Code: WDW91246 QTY: 4

Used 1200mm Electric Sit Stand Desks

£ 225.00 + VAT Each