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Code: WDW68130 QTY: 8

1600mm White Office Bench Desks with black edging and black frame

£ 95.00 + VAT Per desk position - screens sold separately

Code: WDW67244 QTY: 2

1600mm Herman Miller Abak Office bench desks with white legs

£ 135.00 + VAT Per desk position

Code: WDW67189 QTY: 6

Electric Sit/Stand Dealer/Trading office desks - 1 x 6 person including poles, arms a

£ 650.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW66920 QTY: 4

1600mm Fantoni OT White bench desks with silver goalpost legs available configured as

£ 125.00 + VAT Per desk position

Code: WDW66652 QTY: 12

1400mm White bench desks with white 'A frame' legs, scoop tops and cable trays includ

£ 105.00 + VAT Per desk position

Code: WDW66648 QTY: 1

1200mm Executive cherry desk with matching mobile pedestal included

£ 85.00 + VAT Per desk and pedestal

Code: WDW65559 QTY: 20

1600mm Senator Freeway Bench Desking with white tops, silver goalpost legs and desk d

£ 115.00 + VAT Per desk position including desk dividing screens (1 per 2 p

Code: WDW65375 QTY: 7

1000mm White bench desks with white 'A frame' legs, 1000mm x 800mm tops per position.

£ 105.00 + VAT Per Position

Code: WDW64680 QTY: 18

1100mm Maple desks with 2 x cable ports, 1 x lift up cable management lid and cable t

£ 45.00 + VAT Each