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Office desks come in various types, catering to different needs, styles, and functionalities. Here are some common types of office desks sell:


Single free-standing Desks in various dimensions. Available in either veneered, MFC or laminate tops in a variety of colours and finishes. Will generally have cable ports and cable trays to keep cables neat and tidy and allow power/data modules to be brought to the desk.

Executive Desks: Typically larger and more imposing. Executive desks are designed for top-level executives and often have a distinguished appearance or conversely, a minimalistic design which currently appears to be quite favourable. They would generally have a larger surface area, and sometimes include ornate details.

L-Shaped Desks or ‘Crescent’ desks as they are sometime known are less popular these days as they were originally designed to accommodate the old deep computer monitors. However, many company still like to use this shape of desk as they have specific desktop equipment which can be conveniently placed into the corner.

Sit/Stand Desks: These desks are height-adjustable, allowing users to work while standing or sitting. They promote better posture, reduce sedentary behaviour, and can be beneficial for health. Most of these are now electrically operated with some offering pre-set memory stops to suit the user. With the awareness of staff wellbeing, these desks are extremely popular.

Bench Desks: Bench desks have been popular for some time and still are. It is the best way for a company to maximise the available floor space efficiently by having banks of side-by-side and back-to-back desks thus allowing more staff to work in a specific area. They are efficient as power and data can be distributed to all users via deep cable channels and either cable port outlets, lift-up cable access doors or simple scooped cut-outs at the rear of the desks.

Foldable/Portable Desks: Ideal for temporary workspaces or areas with limited space, these desks can be folded or easily assembled and disassembled for convenience and portability.

Reception Desks: Designed for reception areas, these desks often have a distinctive appearance and provide space for receptionists to work while greeting visitors or clients. It is a very important piece of furniture as it will give a first impression to a company’s clients and reflect how the company wishes itself to be viewed.

When choosing an office desk, consider factors such as available space, flexibility, sustainability - the type of work to be done, storage needs, ergonomics, and personal preferences in terms of style and functionality.

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Code: WDW88065 QTY: 74

Used 1200mm Elite Linnea Elevate Bench Desks

£ 110.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW94232 QTY: 6

1 x used 6-person bench desk with walnut MFC top.

Code: WDW94251 QTY: 11

Used transparent clear plastic 'Opal' chairs with chrome legs.

Code: WDW94146 QTY: 4

Used 'Elite' white desks with white metal legs.

Code: WDW94148 QTY: 4

2 x Used 2-person walnut MFC top bench desks with white metal legs.

Code: WDW94147 QTY: 8

2 x Used 4-person walnut MFC top bench desks with white metal legs.

Code: WDW94126 QTY: 9

Used 2000mm Bene Sit Stand Corner Desks with Modesty Panel & Pedestal Included

£ 250.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW93960 QTY: 30

Used 1400mm Techo 'Alfa 200' White Bench Desks

£ 120.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW93941 QTY: 2

Used 1600mm Artek 'Kaari' table with Linoleum top

£ 250.00 + VAT Each