Second Hand Desks | Architects & Designer's Favourites

Code: WDW68369 QTY: 12

Fantastic used Ahrend Sit/Stand desks including screens

£ 495.00 + VAT per desk position to include dividing screen

Code: WDW71475 QTY: 1

A magnificent used Vitra contemporary design reception desk with fitted white screen.

£ 1,000.00 + VAT

Code: WDW72713 QTY: 1

Used white Ahrend 314 Cironal table with white frame

£ 300.00 + VAT

Code: WDW72682 QTY: 32

4 x Used immaculate 8-person agile working bench with above desk LED lighting.

£ 100.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW72680 QTY: 1

Used Ergonom 'Naos' 2-person Agile Working DeskTable in white with LED lighting unit

£ 150.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW72675 QTY: 1

Used Ergonom 'Naos' 4-person Agile Working Desk/Table in white with LED lighting unit

£ 150.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW72248 QTY: 4

Used 1600mm White 'Archiutti' Italian Design Bench Desks

£ 70.00 + VAT Per Desk Position Including Dividing Screen

Code: WDW71979 QTY: 38

38 x Fabulous used white bench desks with black edging and splayed legs.

£ 75.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW71860 QTY: 1

Used Vitra Joyn Bench Desk Collaborative Workstation

£ 1,550.00 + VAT Total for the 5200mm workstation