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Here are a few common types of office pods WantDontWant sell:


Phone Booths: Small, soundproof enclosures designed for private phone calls or video conferences to minimise noise and distractions.

Meeting Pods: Enclosed spaces larger than phone booths, accommodating small groups for meetings, discussions, or collaborative work while maintaining some level of privacy.

Focus Pods/Work Pods: Single-person enclosed spaces meant for focused work, equipped with a desk, chair, and sometimes additional amenities like power outlets, lighting, and ventilation.

Modular Pods: Customisable and adaptable pod structures that can be configured or combined to create various layouts and cater to different office space needs.

Office pods are valued for their ability to enhance privacy, reduce noise distractions, and create dedicated spaces within open-plan office environments. They offer employees a chance to concentrate, have private conversations, or hold meetings without disturbing others, contributing to improved productivity and comfort in the workplace.

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Code: WDW94285 QTY: 1

Used Dapapod 2-Person Acoustic Meeting Pod

£ 2,750.00 + VAT

Code: WDW94284 QTY: 1

Used Dapapod Acoustic Zoom Booth Pod

£ 1,750.00 + VAT

Code: WDW94270 QTY: 4

Used Ex-Demo Framery 'O' Acoustic Phone Booth Pods

£ 4,750.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW94266 QTY: 1

Used Framery Q Maggie sold with 12 month warranty

£ 9,950.00 + VAT

Code: WDW94249 QTY: 6

Used High-back booths upholstered in grey and burgundy fabric.

Code: WDW94246 QTY: 1

Used Dapapod Acoustic Zoom Booth Single Seater

£ 1,350.00 + VAT

Code: WDW94155 QTY: 1

Used 4-Person Acoustic Meeting Booth Pods

£ 4,950.00 + VAT Per 4-seater booth

Code: WDW93972 QTY: 2

2 x Used Teknion Zone Enclosure modules with sofa and tablet table

Code: WDW93949 QTY: 1

Just reduced to this crazy price for quick sale! Unused ex-showroom Dynamobe

£ 795.00 + VAT