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Code: WDW74294

Brand New Modular Customisable Storage

£ 1,265.00 + VAT Per complete double section unit

Code: WDW74293

Brand New Modular Customisable Storage

£ 1,180.00 + VAT Per complete double section unit

Code: WDW74274

Side tambour door cupboard with lock only.

£ 325.00 + VAT

Code: WDW70875

Contemporary Storage Units

£ 530.00 + VAT

Code: WDW79329

Brand New Multi Functional Storage & Room Divider Units

£ 1,925.00 + VAT Per 'Double' Unit Including a single door cupboard, 2 shelve

Code: WDW78798

Brand New Box Planters for Storage Units

£ 160.00 + VAT Per 800mm Wide Box Planter

Code: WDW78738

Brand New Shelving Unit with Interchangeable Planters

Code: WDW78737

Brand New Modular Grid Shelving and Storage System

Code: WDW78615

Brand New Steel Filing Cabinets

£ 110.00 + VAT For the 2-drawer cabinet