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Code: WDW77082

Safe freestanding transparent screens with package pass through.

£ 105.00 + VAT

Code: WDW77083

Brand new transparent acrylic desk protection screens. The perfect solution for bench

£ 100.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW77068

Anti-bacterial screen to protect against the risks of contamination. Ideal for all bu

£ 95.00 + VAT per screen - sold in 5 unit packs

Code: WDW77067

Desk Top Anti-Bacterial Screen Extensions

£ 90.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW60684

BRAND NEW Choose your fabric colour! Brand new desk dividing screens available in a h

£ 85.00 + VAT Each including delivery!

Code: WDW74321

Brand New Acoustic Sound Absorption Panels

£ 242.00 + VAT Per Single Panel

Code: WDW74843

Brand New Bespoke Made to Order Desk Dividing Screens

£ 95.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW77112

Unique screening solution for post-lockdown bench desk protection.

£ 239.00 + VAT for complete back-to-back unit

Code: WDW77108

Post Lockdown Tall Mobile Screens upholstered in anti-bacterial vinyl. Create walkwa

£ 195.00 + VAT each