Brand New Desks | Height-Adjustable Sit Stand Desks

Code: WDW78192

'NEW' Electric Height-Adjustable 'Mini' desks with white legs

£ 495.00 + VAT each (Free Next Day Delivery)

Code: WDW78189

'New' Electric Height-Adjustable 'Mini' desks with silver legs

£ 495.00 + VAT each (Free Next Day Delivery)

Code: WDW78178

'NEW' Electric Height-Adjustable 'Mini' desks with black legs.

£ 495.00 + VAT each (Free Next Day Delivery)

Code: WDW76260

Brand New Electric 4-Leg Executive Desk in black finish. Less IS more!

£ 1,260.00 + VAT

Code: WDW77195

Brand new L-shaped height adjustable desk with smooth operating triple motor system.

£ 830.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW77192

Brand new high quality height-adjustable desks with dual anti-collision motors.

£ 485.00 + VAT

Code: WDW65367

Brand New Electric Height-Adjustable 'Sit-Stand' Desks in choice of sizes and finishe

£ 395.00 + VAT for 1200mm wide

Code: WDW70612

Electric Sit/Stand Back-to-Back Height-Adjustable Desks

£ 2,105.00 + VAT Per 2-Person Unit

Code: WDW70610

Electric Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Desks

£ 715.00 + VAT Per Single Desk