Brand New Desks | Bench Desking

Code: WDW70891

Brand New Bench Desks with Black, White or Silver Legs

£ 139.00 + VAT Per desk position

Code: WDW70865

Brand New Bench Desks

£ 189.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW70701

Brand New Bench Desks

£ 199.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW70624

Modern versatile desks with sliding tops

£ 750.00 + VAT

Code: WDW70623

Contemporary 6-person sliding top bench desk

£ 1,950.00 + VAT

Code: WDW70242

Bright New Bench Desks

£ 252.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW70229

Excellent new bench desks with white tops and splayed oak legs

£ 272.00 + VAT per desk position

Code: WDW70186

Stylish, Elegant and Strong Straight Timber Leg Bench Desks

£ 395.00 + VAT Per Desk Position

Code: WDW70185

Stylish, Elegant and Strong Timber Leg Bench Desks

£ 385.00 + VAT Per Desk Position