Brand New Booths & Pods | Meeting Booths and Pods

Code: WDW75082

Brand New Office Meeting Booth - Many Fabric Options Available

£ 2,900.00 + VAT

Code: WDW78811

Brand New Premium Custom Painted Phone Booth

£ 3,199.00 + VAT

Code: WDW78639

Brand New High Back Meeting Booth - Many Size and Fabric Options Available

£ 4,395.00 + VAT

Code: WDW78626

Brand New 6-Person Acoustic Meeting Pod

Code: WDW78203

Brand New Acoustic Office Booth Pod - Perfect for Zoom Meetings

£ 4,665.00 + VAT Per Single Acoustic Booth

Code: WDW72194

From our 'New Furniture' pages - Collaborative Co-Working Four Seat Booths

£ 2,570.00 + VAT

Code: WDW70190

High Back Meeting Pod Booth

£ 3,445.00 + VAT

Code: WDW76025

Brand new contemporary design phone booths with high acoustic rating - Perfect for Zo

Code: WDW76015

Brand new 2-4 person booths with high acoustic rating.

£ 8,995.00 + VAT includes installation