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Code: WDW80762

Brand New Mesh Chair with Rotating Armrests

£ 365.00 + VAT Each with choice of Group X Fabric Seat

Code: WDW71544

Brand New Mesh Operator Chairs Including Optional Headrest

£ 535.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW78595

Brand New Chair with arms and black base

£ 155.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW78592

Brand New Chair with perforated flexible plastic back

£ 335.00 + VAT Each

Code: WDW78589

Grey Leather High Back Chair with Polished aluminium base Designed by Hilary Birkbeck

Code: WDW77028

Brand New Mesh Back Operator Chair with Headrest

£ 265.00 + VAT Each including Free Next Day Delivery

Code: WDW77027

Brand New Mesh Back Heavy Duty Operator Chair

£ 335.00 + VAT Each including Free Next Day Delivery

Code: WDW77026

Brand New High Back Black Bonded Leather Executive Chair

£ 195.00 + VAT Each including Free Next Day Delivery

Code: WDW77025

Brand New Full Mesh Operator Chair with Optional Headrest

£ 375.00 + VAT Each including Free Next Day Delivery