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Code: WDW90817

New in stock Acoustic Phone Booths from Finland

£ 4,750.00 + VAT

Code: WDW81631

A self-contained individual work space booth with a high dB rating

Code: WDW81494

IN STOCK NOW! New excellent design Phone/Video Conferencing booths. High de

£ 5,950.00 + VAT

Code: WDW89958

IN STOCK New excellent design Zoom/Phone booths. 39dB High decibel rating £ 6,950.00 + VAT

Code: WDW89862

New Acoustic Enclosed Meeting Booths with high dB rating - FROM STOCK - available now

£ 15,950.00 + VAT Per 2-4 person booth

Code: WDW89235

New 4-Person Acoustic Meeting Pods

£ 8,965.00 + VAT Per 4-person pod

Code: WDW89233

New Single Person Acoustic Phone Booth Pods

£ 4,605.00 + VAT Per individual single person pod

Code: WDW87084

Brand new Acoustic Phone Booths with high dB rating - FROM STOCK - available now!

£ 5,950.00 + VAT each

Code: WDW85537

Brand New High Back Sofa Booths

£ 4,605.00 + VAT Per Single Booth with Black legs