Brand New Booths & Pods | Meeting Booths and Pods

Code: WDW81631

A self-contained individual work space booth.

Code: WDW81494

IN STOCK NOW! Brand new excellent design phone/work booths.

£ 5,300.00 + VAT

Code: WDW75082

Brand New Office Meeting Booth - Many Fabric Options Available

£ 3,490.00 + VAT

Code: WDW81679

Brand New Acoustic Phone Booth Pod - Customisable Finishes

£ 3,845.00 + VAT Per Single Pod (Photo shows 2 side by side)

Code: WDW81678

Brand New Working Pod with Customisable Finishes

£ 3,410.00 + VAT Per Single pod (main photo shows 2x back to back)

Code: WDW81677

Brand New Mobile Work Booths

£ 1,065.00 + VAT Per Single 1200mm Mobile Working Booth Including Pinboard

Code: WDW81442

Brand New Bespoke Acoustic Phone Booth Pods - High Acoustic Rating

£ 4,890.00 + VAT Per Single Pod as per main photo

Code: WDW81630

A modular contemporary design meeting/work booth.

Code: WDW81498

Brand new excellent design phone and work booths of steel and aluminium construction.

£ 5,300.00 + VAT each