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Excellent selection of  Used Office Furniture from Want Dont Want.Com
Want Dont Want.Com began life as a unique on-line second hand office furniture marketplace. We help clients to achieve the best prices for their used second hand office furniture by advertising their items on our website and brokering deals to real end users. We have also created a  Brand New office furniture website where you can view and buy a whole range of excellent quality new office furniture at considerebaly reduced prices to suit your budget.
We have used office desks in all shapes, sizes and finishes; used office chairs – catering for your size and ergonomic requirements, Second Hand Office Tables from the smallest meeting to the largest conference. Used Office Storage Cupboards – from stand alone units in various sizes to complete mobile storage and cupboard wall systems. There are often good quality Used Office Reception Desks available and Used Reception Seating to match.
Used Office Furniture – Second Hand Used Office Desks
We have a vast range of second hand office desks to suit every requirement. Used Executive office desks in many finishes.
L-shaped used office desks, wave-shaped used office desks, rectangular office desks plus matching pedestals and storage. We are constantly adding second hand used office furniture products to our website, so if you don’t see the used office desks you are looking for; please do call us – we’re here to help.
Used Office Furniture – Second Hand Office Chairs
We deal with many companies who have good quality second hand office chairs to sell. Whether you are looking for impressive used executive chairs, second hand training chairs or good quality used operator chairs – the prices will astound you.
Office chairs are probably the most important items of office furniture in your office. They tend to be very expensive to buy new. Buying through Want Dont Want.Com will enable you to buy extremely well manufactured used office chairs for a fraction of their original cost.
used office furniture products to our website, so if you don’t see the second hand office chairs you are looking for; please do call us – we’re here to help. 
Used Office Furniture – Second hand Office Tables
quality used office meeting tables and boardroom tables to sell. You can find some real bargains; office tables which would have originally cost £1000’s are sold for a few hundred pounds. Second hand used glass office tables are always very popular and can transform an otherwise dreary area into an interesting contemporary environment.
From time to time we have clients advertising used reconfigurable office tables; these will help make the best use of your meeting/boardrooms i.e. meetings, presentations, entertaining, training etc. These particular used office tables do not tend to stay around too long; they are becoming more and more popular as companies can no longer warrant huge meeting areas with a large single static table.
We are constantly adding used office furniture products to our website, so if you don’t see the used office tables you are looking for; please do call us – we’re here to help.
Used Office Furniture – Second Hand Office Storage
The quest for the paperless office goes on but in the meantime we’re still generating reams of paperwork which has to be stored somewhere!
Storage cupboards are expensive, but when our clients move; these cupboards can become a problem. They’re large and expensive to move, so they advertise their used office storage cupboards at very cheap prices in order to attract a buyer. We are constantly selling these used office storage cupboards – they come and go every week. You have to be quick!
Used office filing cabinets and used office side filers are always being advertised on our website.
We can advise on all aspects of storage and are very happy to so. We are constantly adding used office furniture products to our website, so if you don’t see the used office storage cupboards or system you are looking for; please do call us – we’re here to help.
Used Office Furniture - Used Office Reception Furniture
You wouldn’t believe the amount of used office reception desks we sell.
These used reception desks are often bespoke and our clients originally paid fortunes for them. But when it comes to moving what do you do with them? Someone out there is looking for a used reception desk that you have to sell. They cannot afford to pay £10,000 to buy a new one - but they will spend £1000 - £1500 for a good quality used reception desk – and our sellers are delighted to achieve such a price.
To compliment the used reception desks we receive many adverts for good quality used reception seating and used reception tables
We are constantly adding new adverts for great quality used office furniture and related used office products to our website so if you don’t find what you are looking for; please do call us – we’re here to help.

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