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Charity has created a area within the online market place especially for placing items which are being donated free-of-charge for use by charities.

To place a free advert, simply fill out the form below. Please select the correct category for your item/s: if you just have chairs to give away, place them in the 'Chairs' category. If you have a mixture of items i.e. chairs, desks, storage etc. then place your advert in the 'Mixed items' category.

IF YOU ARE A CHARITY AND LOOKING FOR ITEMS - PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU PLACE YOU ADVERT IN THE 'WANTED' CATEGORY within this charity page (below). Please do not get  confused with the 'Wanted' tab on our Home Page - this is for clients wishing to buy specific products when they arrive on our main website.

Please make sure that you fill in all your contact details as companies will make direct contact.

All items advertised must be free of charge.

If you wish to be contacted by likely donors for particular items that your charity requires then use the wanted form - follow this link wanted.

Further information
For more information on how this works for charities or for offerers contact us at For details of items in the section currently, follow the link straight to the charity section.

1 -Select a category
2 - Describe the item in detail giving as much information as possible including quantity available, condition, accessibility and any other features
3 - Insert your contact details (telephone number and or email address)

Charity Furniture Advertisement Placement

  Chairs           Desks           Miscellaneous        
  Mixed Items           Storage           Tables        

Check other ads, the Sellers Guide and the Valuation Guide for help in wording your ad. Please enter your ad below and don't forget to include your telephone number/email within the body of the ad.

Personal Details
To place an ad in the Charity Section of please enter your personal details in addition to the details of the ad itself.

Please enter these in the boxes below.

Advert headline (20 words max)
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